Friday, January 7, 2011

It's getting complicated

It's just crazy how difficult some things can be when it's just not necessary!  We replaced our theater projector and screen downstairs last month.  The projector is great but it took forever for our installer Troy to get time to put it up and together and then they got to the screen and it's been a nightmare!!

Kurt thought this screen would be nice.  It's basically a frame with some type of special reflective fabric stretched over it...not so good!  The frame was made of plastic and by the time they got the fabric stretched over it, it twisted and warped the frame, rendering it impossible to lay flat against the wall!

Now we're working with the online company Projector People to get an RMA# to return the screen and hoping they won't charge us a 15% restocking fee...which is ridiculous after having to pay for the shipping to return it.  Either way, it will get done....soon I hope!

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